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Moving into the cloud can be a complicated proces.
Are you going to use Azure SQL Databases, or SQL Server inside an Azure VM.
What scale do you need to run it at? How do you even get your data there?

Let us help you find the best answer to all questions you may have regarding the move to Azure.

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One of the biggest game changers of the cloud is being able to recreate your full network in code.
Create copies for Development en Test environment with ease, scale your environment quickly and even automatically.
Test new products, features and services fast and efficiently.

We can help you to “automate everything”, get your whole Azure landscape under source control!

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Both founders of CloudDBA are Microsoft Dataplatform MVPs and regular speakers at conferences.
All our services include knowledge sharing and we provide both public and private training.

With the Azure platform evolving quickly, so do the number of features and posiblities. Count on us to update you on the latest technologies and the best way to make use of them.

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