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Introducing Cloud DBA

Many companies don’t have just one SQL Server but usually more than they realise. The behaviour of is also different in many cases because SQL Server is never a solution by itself, it’s always part of a larger architecture. This makes it hard, if not almost impossible, to have a “one size fits all” kind of way to manage it. Disk throughput and size, CPU needs, etc. can vary significantly and default settings and best practices that work in one situation are not applicable to another. So even if we do happen to use a lot of Powershell to monitor systems, it is not about the technology. We will use our hands-on experience to keep a close look at your systems and tweak, tune and expand our monitoring where needed on a constant basis. You are getting a managed service, not a monitoring tool.

We mostly start with a scan of your whole environment, all of it, not one or two instances. And come up with an actionable plan based on that for the short term. After implementing our data collection and letting it run for a while we can create a roadmap for you. This includes upgrades, migrations, consolidation, tuning efforts, training, etc. We will arrange it for you completely so you don’t have to worry about anything, or we will help your team to be succesful in optimizing your Data Platform landscape.

We look forward to talk to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
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Managing Ola Hallengrens scripts with Powershell

I presented for the PASS Powershell Virtual Chapter on June 15th, 2016
It was an online session and it was recorded, the youtube video of it is here

I figured out what was wrong with the two little demo fails.
I was pressing F8 to only execute my selection but because of a CLS I didn’t see the error message.
That function that I use to load a script from a relative path doesn’t work when you press F8, only when you run the whole script with F5
Apparently F8 gives you a different execution context.

And the reason why the Excel demo didn’t produce 2 paths is because I specified the -SHOW option in the first one, the second export option failed because the excel file was in use by Excel itself

The slides and scripts can be downloaded here

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